Sorties ciné : Look elsewhere, In the terrible jungle, As a single man… The discoveries of the week

Anecdotes of the filming, memoranda, information movie fans : every week, check out the behind the scenes of the cinema. The Silence of the other by Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar did you know ? Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar did not want the movie to be just an accumulation of information about 80 years of Spanish history. The directors have sought to contain also moments of empathy with the characters, moments of silence and poetry. They charged : “Some spectators tell us that the form of the film is very accessible while its subject matter was complex, and required 450 hours of shooting and 14 months of editing. Our obsession was that the viewer could put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists and follow them in their quest for justice. We hope that they come out of the screening having learned something, but also having felt something.” In the terrible jungle trailer VF In the terrible jungle of Caroline Capelle, Ombline Ley With Ophélie Lefebvre, Leah Lenoir, Médéric Sergott… did you know ? Caroline Capelle and Ombline Ley, which are encountered in the Decorative Arts of Paris, has a course quite similar : one in photography and one in video. “We have spent four years in the same class, and on leaving we founded a collective (the collective NOU ) with other artists. For the past three years we schedule all screenings in different cinemas alternative”, explain them. On leaving school, they were looking for a subject that allows them to immerse themselves in an environment to share. In their previous projects, the two artists had “quite a struggle”, only, and each of their side, and were eager to come together to build a film together, without a time constraint. As a single man trailer VF As a single man, Eric Bellion did you know ? Eric Bellion had initially considered making his his first experience at the Vendée Globe in 2016 a documentary for the tv. “I was struggling to throw me telling me that I could make a movie film, because for me it was just inaccessible I had from the beginning wanted to tell the inside of all the difficulties, this whole element of the unknown, the moments of fear… because I knew that it was the contrast between these moments of doubt and those moments of happiness which could give an interesting tale and sincere.” L'Illusion green trailer VF The Illusion of green Werner Boote With Manu Payet, Jessie Lambotte, Werner Boote … did you know ? The director wanted to focus on the eco-money laundering or “greenwashing”, or the lie, ecological, and allows larger businesses to benefit from a positive image and ecologically responsible while they continue to pollute heavily : “If you have nothing better to do, and you type on Google ‘sustainable’, you will get 300 million results. If you browse, you will notice that everything that was once considered harmful and shameful is now helping to save the planet. Tuna Steaks, luxury cars, Formula 1, stock funds, air travel, palm oil, genetically modified soybeans, coal-fired power plants, oil – and today, all of these things are ‘sustainable’, ‘green’ or ‘eco-responsible’.” The Raft trailer VO, The Raft of Marcus Lindeen With Daniel Giménez Cacho did you know ? The Raft, which traces the history of a scientific experiment in the 1970s to study the behavior of individuals, in isolation, in the middle of the ocean, has been rewarded at the international science film Festival 2018. Look elsewhere trailer VO Looks away from Arthur Levivier did you know ? After having heard so many testimonies about police violence towards migrants in the camp, the director has slept over several times in order to grasp these facts, but nothing was happening. He returned a few months later with cameras hunting that detect motion. With the help of the characters on the spot, he hides these cameras in the trees : “The company of CRS has changed and the techniques also : the recorded images will not the physical violence, but they will be irrefutable evidence of the psychological violence is daily experienced by the exiles”.