Bilal : by the way, what is a muezzin ?

The animated film Bilal, to discover on VOD and on Netflix, tells the story of the first muezzin, Bilal Ibn Rabah. But what is it exactly ? The animated film Bilal is now available on Netflix, three months after its release on VOD. This big production uae-saudi, who will need not far from 3 years of work and 360 technicians, seeks to tell the story of Bilal, a former slave freed from his chains who will find the courage to raise its voice in order to help his friends. He was inspired by the story of Bilal Ibn Rabah, born in 580 bc and died in 640, considered as the first muezzin in the history, a religious in islam, called the faithful to prayer five times a day.

In Bilal, the writers show us how this young man has embraced a new religion at the time when the trade of idols was raging and some grew rich on the backs of the believers : the inhabitants around the city of Medina gathered around statues, guarded by the priests, to whom they made offerings to attract good fortune. Released by a merchant by the name of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, Bilal is conscious of the speech of the old man who says that all men are equal and that slavery is inhuman. It is surrounded by villagers as he is going to build a tower, allowing them first of all “to spread a message of hope, that will touch the hearts of men” and a call to those who want to follow them. It is he who will be chosen to perform this task, as her voice was beautiful and unique. Netflix

Held over several decades, the film’s animation plays in parallel with the history of Muhammad and the construction of the Mecca. It is there, at the top of the stone building, that Bilal will eventually wait for his voice and recite the call to prayer to invite the faithful to perform their religious obligations.

With Bilal, the director wanted to make a film of epic, focusing her portrait on the story of a hero and a warrior who is freed from his chains. It delivers a humanist message, full of hope. Note that this is not the first time that the film puts this “profession” in the spotlight. If Hubert/Jean Dujardin mentions it quickly in OSS 117, the muezzin has been the subject of a documentary by Austrian Sebastian Brameshuber in 2009 on competition of the call to prayer. Home Theater (formerly Direct 2 DVD) Emissions d'Actu